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Smart Pet Feeder

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Smart Pet Feeder
Smart Pet Feeder

Discover the lifestyle that Buddy Feeder brings

Veterinarian Approved

Trusted by veterinarians, our feeder meets the highest standards of pet care

Improved Digestion and Enhanced Wellbeing

Establish a consistent feeding schedule that contributes to your pet's overall wellbeing:

  • Preventing stomach issues
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing stress

Customizable Feeding Plans Guarantee

Tailor your pet's feeding portions to fit their needs with our customizable plans, whether it's multiple small meals or fewer large ones.

Stress Free Vacations

Enjoy your vacations worry-free! Buddy Feeder ensures your pet is well-fed even when you're away.

Low food alert

Stay ahead with our low food alert feature, notifying you when it's time to refill the feeder, ensuring your pet never goes hungry.

Feeding for All Pet Sizes.

Our feeder can accommodate pets of all sizes, even if the food bowl is small.

It dispenses food until the bowl is full and resumes dispensing when your pet starts eating;

ensuring they receive the correct amount every time.

No More Early Wake-Up Calls

Tired of your pet waking you up for breakfast? Buddy Feeder ensures they're fed on time, giving you uninterrupted mornings.

Battery Backup Assurance

Never worry about power or wifi outages disrupting your pet's feeding routine. Our feeder comes with a reliable battery backup system.

Easy To Clean

Keeping your pet's feeder clean is a breeze with our simple to clean design, ensuring hygiene and freshness.

Remote Feeding Option

Control your pet's meals from anywhere with our remote feeding feature, ensuring they never miss a meal, even when you're not at home.

Eliminate Food Waste

Say goodbye to wasted kibble scattered on the floor minimizing mealtime mess

Quiet Operation Guarantee

Enjoy peaceful mealtimes with our feeder's quiet operation, keeping noise to a minimum.

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