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Our story

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, in a quiet town not too far from the busy city, lived someone surrounded by playful dogs and a cuddly cat. Life was simple and calm, filled with the love and laughter of furry friends.


But as school ended, and work in the city began, life got busier. The daily trip to work left little time to care for beloved pets. When could they eat amidst the busy days? Was giving them away the only choice?


Never an option! We needed help.


That's when the idea for Buddy Feeder came to life. Inspired by solutions from far away, we brought this idea back home to Lebanon, hoping to make life easier for pet owners everywhere.


Problem solved?


And oh, the problems it solved! No more early wake-ups or wild rushes to feed our pets. No more feeling guilty about forgetting in the morning rush. No more worrying about leaving pets behind during city trips. Buddy Feeder became our reliable buddy, making pet care easier in our fast-paced lives.


Smarter feeding. Closer bonding


But it's not just about convenience. Our main focus is to strengthen the bond between us and our lovely pets because they deserve to be treated in the best care possible honoring the love they show us every day.

Because in a world that's always busy, our pets stay by our side, offering comfort and friendship.


So here's to smarter feeding and closer bonding, as we journey with Buddy Feeder by our side.


Meaning behind the name:


The name "Buddy Feeder" was inspired by the simple yet profound bond between pets and their owners. When you search for the meaning of "buddy" on Google, the first definition that appears is "a close friend."

Isn't your pet just as close as your best friend, and sometimes your only best friend?

This connection shows what Buddy Feeder is all about celebrating the special bond between pets and their human friends.


Meet our furry family members!


And as for our furry family members? Let me introduce you:


Meet Chelly, the wise old cat.


Zoro, the gentle dog, whose love knows no bounds.


Simba, the majestic dog, stealing hearts with every wag of his tail.


Dusty, the loyal dog, a symbol of strength and resilience.


And Rex, the clever dog, whose antics bring laughter to our days.

Final message


Together, they remind us of the simple joys in life and the strong bond we share with our furry companions. Welcome to the Buddy Feeder family, where every pet is cherished, and every moment is filled with love.


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